The Training Begins

8 Apr

I would like to point out in my first real blog post that I haven’t actually run a marathon yet, or even a half marathon.  There is a possibility that it might not happen but I am registered for a marathon in the south of France in November that goes from Nice to Cannes. I thought, if I am  going to run a marathon, it might as well be in an interesting place.

Running a marathon was not even remotely on my bucket list.  I have never actually had a bucket list for that matter. The idea came from my running partner. Her name is Kerry Robertson and she is also 62 years old and training for her first marathon.  We  live near each other  in a rural area on Vancouver Island. Kerry is the first person I have ever been able to run with.  I am a slow runner and every time somebody has asked me to run with them, they run faster than me and it doesn’t work out. Kerry saw me running along the road one day and asked if I would run with her.  I told her that I had never been able to run with anyone but she wanted to try anyway.  Much to my surprise, we ran at the same speed so, after years of failure, I finally had a running partner.

We ran for a few weeks in the fall and then we stopped due to travels and Christmas. After the holidays, Kerry called and said that she wanted to do a marathon. She had had some encouragement over Christmas and decided that this was something she wanted to do. What could I do? The one and only running partner I have ever had wanted to train for a marathon so, if I wanted to keep running with her, I would have to train as well. I decided to go for it.  I figure I am in my last decade of being able to do things like run and hike and kayak and so on so this is my last chance.

We began training on January 17th using a program we got from the local running club. The program was meant to train a rookie for a 10K run. We registered for the Times-Colonist 10k run at the end of April as a first step on the road to our marathon and we followed the program religiously. At first we ran very short time intervals with walks in between.  I had to carry rocks in my pocket to keep track of how many times we ran.  Kerry timed the runs and I threw out a rock at the end of every run.  When I was out of rocks we were done.

Bearing the wonder dog

We both have dogs so our dogs are training for a marathon as well.  Mine is a Bernese Mountain Dog called Bearing and Kerry’s is a Setter called Asia. Both Bearing and I have a tendency to gain weight so we are hoping the running will have a slimming effect. I will report on that if it ever happens.  So far, not so much.  Running makes you pretty hungry.

Kerry had a little set back two weeks ago and had to take some time off. I completed the training program and ran a practice 10k which took me 1 hr and 25 mins. Pretty slow, but I ran the whole way and I finished the whole distance.  Maybe I will be able to do the actual race a little faster.  Kerry has been running again this week so we are re- doing the last two weeks of the training program so that she can get back up to speed. We have done a lot of running in rain and snow and generally miserable weather so far.  We are looking forward to some sunshine and warm temperatures.

This week looks promising.


4 Responses to “The Training Begins”

  1. Juliana April 19, 2012 at 3:46 am #

    Gutsy gals GO!!
    You forgot to add your other shared passion – you two are immensely creative in art and theatre. I suspect it was your ‘creative imaginations’ that helped hatch this idea 🙂

    France will be worth all the effort. Think of the French champagne after the marathon! And you will be in such great shape you will have the best bods on the nude beaches.

  2. Carol-Angela Orchard April 19, 2012 at 4:01 am #

    You are incredibly courageous! Congratulations on completing your ‘test’ 10K. This alone is a fantastic accomplishment, and is something I can’t even begin to imagine. I admire what you are doing and your commitment to your goal. I especially adore your four legged Partner and Coach “Bearing”. Gorgeous! I wish you every success as at your 10K Race at the end of April. Dream Big, Work Hard, and Be Passionate About Everything You Do. Cheers ! Carol-Angela xo

  3. Judy April 19, 2012 at 4:14 am #

    Great blog!

  4. Jennifer April 26, 2012 at 4:21 am #

    nana that is my dog not yours good lake hehe:)

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